Call for new Project ideas

Link to individual project introductions and updates. 

iCASP projects address a pressing catchment management need by using existing environmental science. They are developed to:

  • Translate existing data, models, knowledge and/or expertise into tools, solutions and approaches;
  • Embed new knowledge in catchment management organisations through people exchange;
  • Advance academic outputs into commercially viable products or services.

Project ideas are generated in meetings such as our launch event, a co-design workshop, or organically when new connections are made. The idea is then written up as a proposal by iCASP partnership organisations with iCASP’s university partners and anyone else from the wider network who has a reason to be involved.

The proposal explains the challenge to be met, how environmental science can make a difference, what resources are needed, what benefits will be delivered and how this impact can be achieved and measured.

Before a proposal becomes a project it progresses through iCASP’s governance process. The flow diagram below provides a snapshot of the current iCASP project pipeline and the FAQs document provides more explanation.







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