Integrated Nitrogen Management Workshop

Designing and delivering a workshop to generate a policy brief on integrated nitrogen management

This mini project was to design and run a workshop to promote DEFRA's plans to encourage farms to practice integrated nitrogen management (air quality, water quality, soil health). Existing environmental science was showcased at the event and dialogue between Yorkshire farmers and relevant groups – for example, the National Farmers Union and Defra – was facilitated.

The workshop explored issues around INM including maximising resource efficiency and farm productivity while protecting biodiversity, air, soil and water.

High volumes of nitrogen in the water or in the air are harmful to human health, but most efforts to reduce them focus on a single impact or activity such as slurry spreading. A key aspect of the workshop was to co- design the iCASP project Integrated Nitrogen Management on Yorkshire Farms.


University of York
National Centre for Atmospheric Science
University of Leeds

Project Team

Dr. Kevin Hicks – University of York
Dr. Sarah Moller – National Centre for Atmospheric Science & University of York
Prof. Pippa Chapman – University of Leeds
Prof. Jonathan Leake – University of Sheffield


January 2019 – March 2019


Briefing paper outlining the discussion at Workshop on Integrated Nitrogen Management (INM), March 2019 attended by 40 people from the farming, agricultural policy and scientific research sectors.

You can download the briefing note that summarises the workshop discussions.

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