NFM: Community of practice

The Community of Practice (CoP) Group was set up by iCASP to bring together people working on different natural flood management projects across Yorkshire. The meetings provide a forum for networking, learning and disseminating best practice: they are designed to build regional capacity amongst NFM practitioners through sharing knowledge and discussing challenges and opportunities. The meetings enable participants to undertake informal continuing professional development (CPD). Many of the meetings take place on sites where NFM interventions have been installed to allow a tour guided by those who have designed and installed the NFM measures.

Over summer 2020 the value of the NFM CoP has been analysed by an MSc student from University of Leeds. Find out more about the findings.

CoP meetings are quarterly and by invitation only. If you would like to attend a meeting, please email with ‘NFM Community of Practice invitations’ in the heading.

Natural flood management community of practice project resources

Presentations and summaries from all the NFM CoP events

All the presentations are in PDF so any animations, transitions or graphics are static due to the size of the original files. If you use these resources, please acknowledge the author and iCASP and let us know by emailing we can track where and how they are used.