Peatland monetary valuation protocol

A simple, cost-effective, replicable and transferable protocol for the deliberative monetary valuation method

This project builds on the User Guide, produced as part of the Optimal Peatland Restoration project.

It will develop a simple, cost-effective, replicable and transferable protocol for the Deliberative Monetary Valuation (DMV) method. The protocol will enable peatland practitioners to carry out valuation of the non-marketed benefits provided by peatland restoration with a diverse range of participants. It will provide a practical means of valuing peatland's social benefits for national and international projects, supplementing the limited available evidence, and fostering exchanges among communities on the value they attribute to peatlands.

The valuation protocol will be aimed at peatland and environmental practitioners who can increase their understanding of public perception of peatland benefits and gather evidence to inform landowners, policy-makers and funders, on the need for continued investment and appropriate management of peatlands. Adopting and implementing the protocol will help practitioners' apply a valuation method, adjust awareness campaigns to maximise impact and attract continued investment in restoration, provide insights that can help inform policy and facilitate exchanges between stakeholders who do not commonly interact together.

The DMV method is one type of environmental valuation technique that allows valuation of the benefits that ecosystems provide to humans. This valuation protocol sets out key steps for conducting the DMV method as well as important considerations of its application. It is particularly aimed at non-academics – environmental practitioners especially – interested in independently valuing and/or discussing values of ecosystem services. The protocol uses peatland restoration as an example, but it is applicable to any kind of ecosystem.

Partners: University of Leeds and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust


These resources are to help you to carry out your own DMV workshop including guidance notes and template documents for you to adjust to suit your needs.

When using any of the resources, please credit us appropriately: This document is support material for the Deliberative Valuation Protocol developed by the iCASP team. Document to be cited as: Ferré, M., Tyllianakis, E., Martin-Ortega, J. 2020. Deliberative Monetary Valuation for practitioners – A protocol for the estimation of benefits from ecosystem restoration. Report of the Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP), Leeds.

This protocol and video will guide you through the process.

  • Deliberative Monetary Valuation protocol
  • Video training session provided to several practitioners involved in ecosystem restoration in the use of the DMV method
  • Essential resources to carry out the DMP method

This video is a training session that was provided to several practitioners involved in ecosystem restoration in the use of the DMV method. It has been edited so only contains members of iCASP staff and the material presented at the training held on 7 July 2020.

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    Download essential resources to carry out the DMP method