All the projects we are working on are listed below.

iCASP projects address a pressing catchment management need by using existing environmental science. They are developed to:

  • Translate existing data, models, knowledge and/or expertise into tools, solutions and approaches;
  • Embed new knowledge in catchment management organisations through people exchange;
  • Advance academic outputs into commercially viable products or services.

Find out more about how iCASP projects are developed, including the co-design workshops we run, and access the concept note template to submit a proposal

UKCP18 case studies

Case studies to demonstrate how the Met Office’s UKCP18 data can be applied

Leeds FAS 2

Provision of Natural Flood Management evidence for the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme business proposal

Optimal peatland restoration

Using research to support investment in peatland restoration

Natural flood management (NFM)

Providing tailored modelling and monitoring support for Yorkshire NFM pilots

Public goods – soil health

Reviewing the evidence on agricultural interventions for improving soil health

Enhanced surface water flood forecasts

Testing the feasibility of converting the latest advances in probabilistic rainfall forecasting into real-time forecasts and warnings 

The Derwent data finder

Supporting the development of an online database collating catchment data

Don catchment

Providing evidence for the Don Catchment Hidden Heritage Secret Streams project

UKCP18 forum

Design of a forum bringing together organisations using UKCP18 projections

GBI business cases

Developing a better understanding of how to make a Green-blue infrastructure business case

Calderdale NFM

Using modeling to prioritise NFM interventions in Calderdale and understand the role of existing features

Water efficiency for local authorities

Developing a policy brief to support Leeds City Council in setting a water efficiency standard for new homes

Integrated nitrogen management workshop

Designing and delivering a workshop to generate a policy brief on integrated nitrogen management

Payment for outcomes

Integrating natural flood management measures into payment for outcomes schemes in the Yorkshire Dales

Invasive non native species (INNS)

Developing resources and strategies to slow the spread of aquatic INNS through river catchments in Yorkshire.

Bridging the knowledge gap to boost SME resilience

Improving understanding of the impacts of flooding on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

Living with Water Partnership catchment telemetry integration

Combining data from the LWW partnership organisations to increase operational preparedness

Systems approach to urban infrastructure management

Applying newly developed spatial analysis method to support integrated urban infrastructure management

Improving flood risk communication through engagement tools

Delivering engagement tools to promote resilient behaviours in communities vulnerable to flooding

Environmental science to promote public health and wellbeing

Integrating Environmental Data into the (SHAPE) GIS tool to promote climate resilient decision-making

Peat common standards monitoring

Transforming data collection for evidence-based peatland policy and practice by identifying and selecting core sets of outcome measures

Integrated nitrogen management on Yorkshire farms

Developing evidence-based good practice for Integrated Nitrogen Management on Yorkshire Farms

River Aire plastics capture

Reviewing the literature to identify existing methods for capturing macro plastics for a proposed future project

CIRIA natural flood management (NFM) guidance

Support the delivery of NFM by producing accessible and helpful industry guidance in the UK.
(CIRIA funded)


Developing more effective agri-environmental public goods mechanisms and contracts
(H2020 funded)

Yorkshire property flood resilience pathfinder

Improving property flood resilience across Yorkshire through awareness raising and public engagement
(Defra funded)

National Trust payment for outcomes test

Provision of advice and guidance as part of the Test and Trials phase of ELMS

‘Ryevitalised’ interactive catchment solutions

Provision of evidence from other iCASP projects to support the NHLF-funded Ryevitalise project

River Skell monitoring

Providing evidence from NFM and payment for outcomes projects to support a NHLF bid for the River Skell

Supporting the North York Moors peat pilot

Reviewing and informing the direction of the North York Moors peat pilot

Deliberative monetary valuation

A simple, cost-effective, replicable and transferable protocol for the deliberative monetary valuation method

Upper Rother catchment

Creating an evidence directory of natural flood management