iCASP Impact Updates for May 2021

This webpage presents the progress of impact monitoring and evaluation tools and impact evaluation findings for the Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP) and its component projects. This update can also be downloaded as a PDF here.

Tool 1: Impact Database

The impact database is an interface tool developed based on EXCEL and VBA to document the detailed features, evidence and timeline of a dozen Key Success Measures (KSM) used as indicators to monitor impacts from more than 35 projects and the overall programme. Findings from the database are presented as infographics, time-series charts, and GIS maps.

Tool 2: Theory of Change diagrams

Theory of change diagrams are developed to capture the logical framework of the project structures, to identify key stakeholders and the geographic reach, and to track progress and suggest adjustment. Some examples are provided below.

Findings – Project Impact Reports

We are working on project impact reports for projects that are transitioned from project closure to post-project impact evaluation. Stay tuned!

Your feedback is welcome!

For enquiries, please contact Dr Hebin Lin, iCASP Impact and Economic Evaluator (h.b.lin@leeds.ac.uk) and/or Phoebe King, iCASP Project Support Officer (p.l.king@leeds.ac.uk).