This short (4′ 30″) film will show you what iCASP is about.

iCASP is a 5-year programme, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, which aims to:

  • Generate £50million+ of benefits to Yorkshire’s economy from influencing investments, identifying cost savings, and creating new products and jobs
  • Create a network of catchment management experts
  • Inform policies and strategies
  • Produce materials that help environmental science to be used by practitioners

iCASP projects will be designed by partnerships of academics and experts from organisations active in catchment management.

They will be finding ways to use existing environmental science more effectively to address challenges they are working on in rural and urban areas.

These could include: reducing flood and drought risk; improving the resilience of cities to climate change; preserving valuable areas of peat in the moors; developing sustainable agriculture; and devising business cases for greening city developments and making more space for water.

As a research translation programme, iCASP will enable communication between those working on environmental science and stakeholders engaged with catchment management problems and solutions.

This will facilitate the growth of a strong and sustainable regional network to pioneer a more integrated approach to catchment management and develop knowledge and expertise to share nationally and internationally.

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