Environmental science to promote public health and wellbeing

Integrating Environmental Data into the Strategic Health Asset Planning and Evaluation (SHAPE) GIS tool to promote climate resilient decision-making

This project will focus on enabling the SHAPE tool – a GIS web-based tool – to become a focal point for pooling and visualising integrated health, environment, infrastructure and socio-economic data for evidence-based, collaborative and strategic decision-making.

The SHAPE tool, originally commissioned by Public Health England, has been used by Leeds City Council’s Health Protection Team to inform healthcare planning across the city. Following Leeds City Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency in 2019, alongside that of all the councils in Yorkshire, the SHAPE tool has been identified as an ideal way to support climate resilient decision-making. By drawing upon and integrating environmental data from iCASP universities, SHAPE will help to coordinate resources between different sectors who have increasingly common goals and outcome measures such as flood risk management, education and infrastructure planning and development.

This project will build upon iCASP’s previous UKCP18 project and provide decision-relevant climate change metrics for inclusion in the SHAPE tool such as projections of changes in the heat island effect, or flood and air quality risk. It will draw upon data from iCASP’s Systems approach to urban infrastructure project such as flood source/pathway information vital for planning innovative flood mitigation measures, and will also enhance the outputs of the Green Blue Infrastructure project.

Project team:  Prof Andy Gouldson, Dr Paola Sakai, Dr Jim McQuaid, Dr Ben Rabb, Dr Jenny Armstrong and Dr Tom Willis – University of Leeds; Kevin McGready, Public Health Leeds City Council; Dr Revati Phalkey – Public Health England; Ashley Cough – Parallel. (lead in bold)

Project number: 20

Duration: January 2020 – January 2021

Outputs: will be made available in the resources section of the website

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