Co-design workshops

Co-design workshops are one of the ways that new iCASP projects come in to being (find out more about the process of developing iCASP projects).

Co-design workshops bring together a range of different people, some of whom may have never worked with iCASP before, to understand what problems different people and organisations may be facing, and to identify existing areas of research that can help address the issues. By bringing everyone together from the outset, it ensures that developing projects reflect the problems being encountered and their relevance to different organisations (which may differ from what was previously thought) and that those involved with the project have shaped it to fit their needs, capabilities and particular circumstances. This level of buy-in and engagement is important in achieving the aims of the projects and ensuring what comes out of the work delivers change and impact.

Links to individual co-design workshops are below:

Find out more about the Sediments and particulates co-design workshop, view the presentations and see the poll results.