Water Efficiency standards

Evidence brief to make a case for about more stringent water efficiency requirements in new housing developments in Yorkshire

Pressures on our water system continue to grow across the catchment. As more housing development takes place this is likely to mean more consumption of water and combined with the impact of climate change will increase pressure on existing water resources.

This project helped Leeds City Council to successfully put the case forward for a more stringent policy on water use in new developments.

Since 2015, Part G of UK Building Regulations have required new dwellings to achieve a water efficiency target of 125 litres/ day Per Capita Consumption (PCC). A sub-section of the regulations allow local planning authorities to implement a more ambitious 110 litres/ day PPC target.

The iCASP evidence brief helped Leeds City Council adopt the reduced 110 l/day PPC target into their local Core Strategy EN2 in 2019.

Academics at Leeds and Sheffield were consulted to compile the latest evidence on water availability and usage into an accessible evidence brief.

This evidence is equally applicable to other local authorities in the region as they update their policies.


University of Leeds
University of Sheffield
Leeds City Council


January 2019


Policy Briefing – to help Leeds City Council make the case for adopting the 110 litres a day enhanced water efficiency standard.

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