Telemetry integration – Living with Water Partnership

Combining data from the Living With Water partnership organisations to improve operational preparedness

Telemetry is the measurement of data at a remote source, and its transmission to a monitoring station.

Currently each of the organisations within the Living with Water Partnership (LWWP) – Hull City Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water – record and hold telemetry data from their assets in Hull and the surrounding region. Each organisation uses this water monitoring data for their own purposes and responds on an individual basis, this approach is replicated throughout the UK.

This project brought together all the telemetry data gathered organisations from across Hull and East Riding to create a better understanding of drainage interactions between the different water management systems at a catchment scale. It helped understand what data is being routinely captured and where.

By sharing this data, and ultimately combining it with decision-making tools, the project team developed an early warning tool to be used across all drainage systems and water bodies that helps to improve forecasting and operational preparedness and deliver response times at the outset of a flood risk event.

Ultimately the data will is being used to influence where future monitoring should be installed to provide the most useful information. Learning outcomes of this project are being shared across Yorkshire and beyond and it can be used in other catchments to make the case for investment in monitoring and improve resilience in the region.


University of Sheffield
Environment Agency
Hull City Council
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Yorkshire Water

Project Team

Vanessa Speight, Virginia Stovin, Ehsan Kazemi & Will Shepherd – University of Sheffield
John Dickenson – Environment Agency
Jess Moloney – Hull City Council
Astrid Paget – East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Emma Brown – Yorkshire Water


June 2019 – June 2020


Updates from the Living with Water Partnership Catchment Telemetry Integration project

Project outcomes

In this section the relevant project outcomes can be downloaded.