iCASP people are made up of the Programme Team, Workstream Leads who sit on our Executive Management Group, and Impact Translation Fellows.

<strong><a href="">Jenny Armstrong</a></strong>

Jenny Armstrong

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Andrew Baird</a></strong>

Andrew Baird

Carbon Sequestration Workstream Lead

<strong><a href="">Alan Blyth</a></strong>

Alan Blyth

Flood Forecasting Workstream Lead

<strong><a href="">Finn Barlow-Duncan</a></strong>

Finn Barlow-Duncan

Impact Officer

<strong><a href="">Steef Boeing</a></strong>

Steef Boeing

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Colin Brown</a></strong>

Colin Brown

Drought and Flood Risk Mitigation Workstream Lead

<strong><a href="">Pippa Chapman</a></strong>

Pippa Chapman

Water Quality Workstream Lead

<strong><a href="">Thijs Dekker</a></strong>

Thijs Dekker

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Samuel Eze</a></strong>

Samuel Eze

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Marie Ferré</a></strong>

Marie Ferré

Impact Evaluator and Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Piers Forster</a></strong>

Piers Forster

Climate Resilience Workstream Lead

<strong><a href="">Duncan Fyfe</a></strong>

Duncan Fyfe

Programme Manager

<strong><a href="">Richard Grayson</a></strong>

Richard Grayson

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Peter Gill</a></strong>

Peter Gill

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Dave Hodgson</a></strong>

Dave Hodgson

Deputy Director

<strong><a href="">Joe Holden</a></strong>

Joe Holden


<strong><a href="">Jonathan Leake</a></strong>

Jonathan Leake

Sustainable Agriculture Workstream Lead

<strong><a href="">Poppy Leeder</a></strong>

Poppy Leeder

Communications Officer

<strong><a href="">Ehsan Kazemi</a></strong>

Ehsan Kazemi

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Julia Martin-Ortega</a></strong>

Julia Martin-Ortega

Social and Economic Analysis Workstream Lead

<strong><a href="">Manuel Ojeda Cabral</a></strong>

Manuel Ojeda Cabral

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Elke Pirgmaier</a></strong>

Elke Pirgmaier

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Ben Rabb</a></strong>

Ben Rabb

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Janet Richardson</a></strong>

Janet Richardson

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Melanie Stonard</a></strong>

Melanie Stonard

Programme Administrator

<strong><a href="">Martha Villamizar Velez</a></strong>

Martha Villamizar Velez

Impact Translation Fellow

<strong><a href="">Tom Willis</a></strong>

Tom Willis

Impact Translation Fellow

Zeyu Yao

Zeyu Yao

Impact Translation Fellow

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