Martha Villamizar Velez

Impact Translation Fellow

Martha is a hydrological modeller based in the Environment department at the University of York in a team lead by Professor Colin Brown. She develops and applies hydrological models to simulate  measures such as detention ponds, small dams and soil management and studies their potential impact on reducing surface runoff and peak flow in NFM catchments.

Martha has more than 8 years’ experience working with environmental and hydrological models. She has a PhD in hydrological and solute transport modelling at the catchment scale from the University of York. Alongside her role in the iCASP NFM project, she also works as a catchment modeller (flood risk) in agricultural catchments in the Upper Welland. Other current research interests in the Water Friendly Farming project  using modelling to advise farmers on different strategies to reduce non-point source surface water pollution from pesticides, nutrients and sediments.

Her interest in environmental modelling started in her final year of her chemistry degree when she realised that lab work was not something that she enjoyed.

iCASP project: Natural Flood Management project

Martha Villamizar Velez webpage