UK Freshwater Quality Programme News

Pictured: River Aire in Leeds Welcome to the Freshwater Quality Programme spring 2024 newsletter, which has been produced by the Champion team based in water@leeds, University of Leeds. The newsletter provides updates from the Champion team and the five research projects within the programme, which each focus on different aspects of water quality. To find … Read more


Most UK rivers fail to meet good ecological status Scientists will: create new tools for monitoring freshwater pollution; study how river ecosystems are impacted by effluent, microplastics, chemicals and land management practices; support the development of new strategies to improve river water quality in the UK that will take account of climate change £8.4 million … Read more

The iCASP workstreams

There are seven iCASP workstreams, six of which focus on delivering solutions to problems across the catchment; the seventh overarches the whole programme. The six solution-focused workstreams are carbon sequestration, climate resilience, drought & flood risk mitigation, flood forecasting, sustainable agriculture and water quality. An iCASP project will typically have elements of several workstreams within … Read more