Monitoring sediment and water quality on the River Skell

iCASP and the SORBY fluid dynamics lab at the University of Leeds have been commissioned, as part of the Skell Valley Project, to monitor fine sediments and water quality on a stretch of the River Skell. We are working with the National Trust to understand where sediment is sourced from, and how natural flood management … Read more


Most UK rivers fail to meet good ecological status Scientists will: create new tools for monitoring freshwater pollution; study how river ecosystems are impacted by effluent, microplastics, chemicals and land management practices; support the development of new strategies to improve river water quality in the UK that will take account of climate change £8.4 million … Read more

NERC co-appoint Professor Pippa Chapman and Professor Joseph Holden as Freshwater Quality Champions

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) have co-appointed Professor Pippa Chapman and Professor Joseph Holden as the new Freshwater Quality Champion for the Understanding changes in quality of UK freshwaters programme. This appointment will see the academics, from University of Leeds, lead and co-ordinate a new four-year programme on ‘Understanding changes in quality of UK … Read more