June 2020 Cumbria NFM webinar

On 22 June members of the NFM CoP took part in a webinar to share learnings from the Cumbrian NFM and Pioneer catchment projects. The webinar was recorded and you can view it, and the presentations below.

The Cumbria Pioneer is a DEFRA commissioned project linked to the launch of the 25 year Environment Programme, to explore and test new ways of working with natural capital at the catchment level.

The event featured three presentations and two short discussions.

Presentations and Q&A:

The Cumbria Catchment Pioneer – Our lessons learnt – Ellyse Mather, Environment Agency

Cumbrian NFM experience – David Kennedy, Environment Agency

NFM monitoring (with analysis) approaches to evidence impact – Dr. Nick Chappell, Lancaster University

(Note: the webinar proper begins at 6.00 minutes in to this video, prior to that it is setting up time and the screen is blank of content)