Calderdale NFM

Prioritising Natural Flood Management interventions in Calderdale

Project Summary: The project will use a rain-fall run off model (SD-TOPMODEL) developed at the University of Leeds to help prioritise the siting of future NFM schemes. Modelling work will show how and if existing (walls, gates, hedges) and new (hedges, tree planting) landscape features can reduce flood risk by storing and slowing flood water. This information will be used to support business cases for further NFM funding for Calderdale and to help communities to understand how NFM work impacts flooding.

Project Team: Sally Kelling, Jo Arnold – Environment Agency, and Calderdale NFM Operational Group; Rosie Holdsworth – Calderdale Council and Calderdale NFM Operational Group; Granville Davies – Yorkshire Water, and Calderdale NFM Operational Group; Megan Klaar, Mike Kirkby, Mark Smith – University of Leeds.  

Duration: November 2018 – January 2020

Outputs: Will be made available in the Resources section of the iCASP website.

Updates: Track the progress of this project

Modelling to support optimal location of flood measures

Natural flood management in the media

Prioritising Natural Flood Management interventions in Calderdale

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