Systems approach to urban infrastructure management

Project Summary: This project applies a newly developed spatial analysis tool to support integrated urban infrastructure planning and management at a catchment scale. It aims to help planners identify interconnections between infrastructure systems, such as green and blue infrastructure, land use or transport, so that the investment is targeted where it has the greatest impact and multiple benefits can be realised. This concept is increasingly referred to as interoperability.

Management of water is the key focus for this project, and Leeds City Council’s flood risk management will be used as a case study catchment to apply and co-develop the approach. By supporting LCC’s investment portfolio for its Medium Term Flood risk strategy, the project will enhance not only urban water management but also promote outcomes that will improve the environment and urban space.

Through a co-development process the project will develop the framework that can promote capacity to adopt this kind of systems approach in wider practice.

Project Team: David Dawson, Nigel Wright, Amrie Singh – University of Leeds, Kim Vercruysse – Cranfield University, David Parish, Jonathan Moxon – Leeds City Council, Luke Williams – Environment Agency.

(project lead in bold)

Duration: June 2019 – May 2020

Outputs: These will be in the Resources Section of the website as they are published.

Updates: Track progress on this project

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