Maximising pay-back from peat restoration

Efforts to restore Yorkshire’s vast peat bogs will soon be getting a welcome boost, thanks to a new project being developed by the Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP).

The Yorkshire Peat Partnership and Moors for the Future Partnership will be working with the Universities of Leeds, Manchester and Durham to develop tools that people can use when they consider how to get the most value from restoring a bog even as the climate changes.

The project team will develop a user-friendly and updated version of a modelling tool called DigiBog. They will also create a ‘menu of methods’ for valuing the benefits of peatland restoration. This will help restoration practitioners plan their programmes to generate maximum social benefit.


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Help build your network of catchment experts

If you’re working on land or water management issues anywhere in the Yorkshire Ouse Catchment Area, the Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP) can plug you into a friendly network with experience and expertise to share. By taking part in iCASP projects and events, you’ll get to know many other people working on catchment challenges similar to yours and become part of a force for new and more effective approaches to challenges, such as flooding, land and water degradation and climate change. We can help you, but can you help us?

We need you to fill in a short survey to tell us who you’re working with and who you listen to when you need a bit of expert advice. We can use this information to evaluate whether we are helping to strengthen current interactions and links between organisations and people in the catchment over the next five years. Please complete the survey at:

There are no prizes for taking part, but you will receive a helpful report back from this activity!



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