Help build your network of catchment experts

If you’re working on land or water management issues anywhere in the Yorkshire Ouse Catchment Area, the Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP) can plug you into a friendly network with experience and expertise to share. By taking part in iCASP projects and events, you’ll get to know many other people working on catchment challenges similar to yours and become part of a force for new and more effective approaches to challenges, such as flooding, land and water degradation and climate change. We can help you, but can you help us?

We need you to fill in a short survey to tell us who you’re working with and who you listen to when you need a bit of expert advice. We can use this information to evaluate whether we are helping to strengthen current interactions and links between organisations and people in the catchment over the next five years. Please complete the survey at:

There are no prizes for taking part, but you will receive a helpful report back from this activity!