Preparing for new climate projections

Professor Dessai leading a round-table activity

iCASP’s first project will help organisations in Yorkshire to prepare for the publication of new climate data.

Organisations such as water companies and local authorities draw on scientific assessments of the risks from changing climate variables when they make long-term decisions. They rely on data produced as the UK Climate Projections which has been gathered and synthesised by environmental scientists.

These projections published in 2009 are to be updated in 2018 with some significant changes. For instance, there will be more regional detail and more information on potential extremes and impacts of climate change.

Professor Suraje Dessai from the University of Leeds is leading an iCASP project collaborating with the UK Met Office, which is responsible for producing the projections, and other iCASP partners who need to use them to determine what the operational needs of such information are. The project will inform how the data are presented, prepare users in Yorkshire for the updated projections and rehearse organisations in the most effective way to use them.