Humble hedgerow have their part to play in mitigating climate change

A new hedgerow standard has been announced as part of Defra Secretary Therese Coffey’s upgraded Sustain­able Farming Incentive package for 2023. Professor Pippa Chapman, expert in soil and biogeo­chemistry, Dr Sofia Biffi, Dr Richard Grayson and Prof Guy Ziv, at the University of Leeds, have written a study –Soil carbon sequestration potential of planting hedgerows … Read more

New Standards to address greenwashing in carbon farming

Urgently needed report could be pivotal in preventing greenwashing in farm soil carbon projects Environment Agency funded consortium lays out minimum requirements for UK soil carbon projects  Requirements should unlock investment for farmers and support a scalable, high-integrity market for farm soil carbon  The prospect of a scalable, high-integrity market for farm soil carbon took an important … Read more