Confluence 2019 presentations and resources

This page contains presentations and information used throughout the day at Confluence 2019 (Friday 21 June, Nexus, University of Leeds). (Due to the size of some of the presentations they are all available as PDFs so animations and graphics in the original slides will now be static)

Introduction and wrap-up:

Welcome and iCASP overview – Joe Holden, iCASP Director (952KB)

Wrap-up and summary of breakout sessions – Poppy Leeder, Finn Barlow-Duncan, Joe Holden, all iCASP (860KB)

Project Updates:

Enhanced Surface Water Flood Forecasting project update – Steve Wragg, City of York Council (1MB)

Green Blue Infrastructure project update – Andrew Brown, University of Leeds (784KB)

Natural Flood Management project update – Colin Brown, University of York and Tom Willis, iCASP  (3MB)

Don Catchment NFM project update – Janet Richardson, iCASP (2MB)

Living With Water Partnership Catchment Telemetry Integration project outline – Emma Brown, Living With Water (1MB)

Invasive Non Native Species project outline  Alison Dunn, University of Leeds and Janet Richardson, iCASP (3MB)

Breakout sessions:

Future Projects breakout session – Finn Barlow-Duncan, iCASP (704KB)

Environment and Health breakout session – Jenny Armstrong, iCASP (805KB)

Yorkshire Water Land Strategy breakout session – Mike Pearson, Yorkshire Water (3MB)

Financing Nature Based Solutions breakout session Neil Coles, University of Leeds (3MB)

River Aire Catchment Integration breakout session – Geoff Roberts, Aire Rivers Trust (4MB)