Shelley Evans

Impact Transition Fellow

Shelley, a Principal Flood Resilience Emergency Planner and Northern Flood Resilience Hub Lead for JBA Consulting, is currently seconded from JBA Consulting to iCASP as an Impact Translation Fellow (ITF).

Shelley is an Industry Course Lecturer for the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Postgraduate Course at Lancaster University, delivers the strategic and tactical training and exercising for the Environment Agency Incident Management teams and is Secretary of the Emergency Planning Society (EPS) Flood Resilience Professional Working Group.

As ITF, she is project managing work packages 1 and 4 of the Yorkshire Flood Resilience Project, one of three national Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Pathfinder projects commissioned by DEFRA running until September 2021.

Whilst also monitoring and evaluating the impact of change throughout the lifecycle of the PFR Pathfinder project, Shelley also project manages the Local Choice project associated with the Pathfinder programme which includes developing a prototype online GIS database ‘PFR Assured’ that maps all existing PFR installations across the Yorkshire RFCC region. This will be used by Yorkshire’s risk management authorities to help keep a record of where PFR measures have gone in and where further investment is needed, either in new schemes, maintenance checks or remediation works. In-depth  ‘effectiveness’ surveys to assess the past performance and current state of repair of installations are also taking place as part of this initiative in the areas of Leeds and Bradford.