WYFLIP Annual General Meeting May 2023

On the 3rd of May West Yorkshire Flood Innovation Programme (WY FLIP) held its first in-person annual general meeting (AGM) and networking event. This event was to take stock of how far WYFLIP has come since starting the programme 18 months ago, and develop innovative plans for the future alongside our partner organisations.

Members of the West Yorkshire Flood Innovation (WY FLIP) and partners talk about the value of the programme and what has been achieved since it was set up. They also look to the future and talk about future projects. The video was recorded at the WY FLIP’s first face-to-face Annual General Meeting at University of Leeds.

The day included a traditional Annual General Meeting (AGM) followed by five workshops based on the integral WYFLIP themes. The AGM and workshops were an opportunity to collaborate, network and steer the future direction of projects within the WYFLIP network for which we have recently secured funding.

Resources and Presentations

Morning session – AGM, technical themes

Afternoon session – WYCA UKSPF project inception meeting and emerging themes discussion