WYFLIP Board & Steering Group

    WYFLIP Board

    The role of the WY FLIP Board is to maintain oversight of the programme throughout its lifecycle and to facilitate executive decision making at a strategic level to ensure that the activities of the programme align with the core themes and principles as outlined in the Roadmap.  

    The Programme Board will work with the Programme Manager(s), wider Project Team(s) and the Steering Group to ensure the WY FLIP delivers its aims by focusing work on key themes and operating by the principles of the programme.  

    The Project Board will ensure that the interests of partners and stakeholders are considered in decision making, and the project deliverables increase the resilience of the region to flooding and climate change.  

    The Project Board will also ensure that communication to and between wider project stakeholders is effective to support project delivery.

    WYFLIP Steering Group

    The WY FLIP Steering Group is designed to enable a wide range of stakeholders and partners to bring their respective areas of expertise to input and steer the activities within the programme.  

    The Group is complementary to but different from other strategic groups operating in the resilience arena – it is focused on supporting and advising the WY FLIP Roadmap and strategies outlined by complementary regional forums though harnessing innovation and developing collaborative working partnerships with colleagues both within and outside the flood risk management sector.