Spread the word – New flood incident engagement exercise

We’ve been working with our partners across the region to launch our exciting new flood incident engagement exercise  to help Risk Management Authorities, (RMAs) and the wider community improve how they communicate during flood events.

This is part of our  Communicating Flood Risk project which aims to improve engagement, address challenges surrounding community resilience and promote understanding of flood warning and forecasting systems.

Now our iCASP team is facilitating a free, online, flood engagement exercise focused on raising awareness of flood risk and incident management during flood events.

This exercise aims to:-

  • Help flood risk to be communicated in a relevant, effective and efficient way
  • Establish and maintain meaningful relationships between all involved in flood risk management
  • Promote better understanding of flood risk, especially amongst groups that are not engaged or aware of their flood risk
  • Make sure that all involved in flood risk management can engage with the right people and organisation at the right time.

It is aimed at those who respond to flood incidents including RMAs and engaged members of the public, for example, community flood wardens or members of community groups.

Bookings for this online incident response flood engagement exercise are available from February-March and can be made online. Each session lasts approximately three hours (including breaks) and the ideal number of participants per session is six, although organisations can make multiple bookings to accommodate larger groups.

Any learning from the project can be shared throughout communities and organisations and will be useful during flood incidents. If you have any groups in your organisation, or know or any in the community that may benefit from these exercises because they work during flood incidents, then please let them know so they can book before the end of March.

Any queries please email: icasp@leeds.ac.uk