New UK Climate Scenarios

Credit: Malcolm Campbell

This workshop provided an open forum for suggestions about how iCASP could continue to support the region to make informed climate adaptation decisions building on the success of the iCASP UKCP18 project which anticipated the release later this year of The UK Climate Projections 2018.

This information which builds on the current set of projections (UKCP09) will provide the most up-to date assessment of how the weather and climate of the UK may change over the 21st century. Climate change continues to have a significant impact in Yorkshire. As weather patterns change, the physical impacts such as flooding, drought and pressures on biodiversity affect a range of socio-economic systems and industry sectors including building, transport, energy production, utility supplies and farming. The iCASP UKCP18 project involved partners working closely with the Met Office to demonstrate how the new set of climate projections could best be used to help prepare the region for two projected climate impacts.

Prof. Jason Lowe (Head of Climate Services at the Met Office Hadley Centre) played a leading role and is likely to remain involved with new projects that develop as an outcome.