Supporting the North York Moors peat pilot

Reviewing and informing the direction of the North York Moors peat pilot

iCASP are supporting Natural England with the North York Moors Peat Pilot. We will draw on experience and expertise in this field, in particular the development of iCASP’s User Guide for Valuing the Benefits of Peatland Restoration and the associated DigiBog Hydro model.

The pilot will evidence and evaluate how effective different potential forms of habitat restoration, modification and management might be in creating resilient peatland habitats in the face of increasing climate stress. The potential public benefits and ecosystem services will be considered against the extent and condition of the peatland, the different types of habitat restoration and their feasibility.

iCASP have reviewed and informed the direction of the scope of the work and will continue to provide advice to Natural England as the pilot is developed and delivered.

This work has fed into Defra’s England Peat Strategy.