These iCASP resources (click on image to download) demonstrate how to use the latest climate projections, UKCP18, to assess drought risk and surface water flooding.



Demonstrator resources produced by other organisations for UKCP18 are available on the Met Office Website page 

Background to these resources

In November 2018 the UK Met Office published the first set of data linked to the new UK Climate Projections (UKCP18 Project).

To prepare for the release of this new information, six partners in the Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP)  worked with the Met Office’s chief scientist to explore the implications for regional organisations who need to make decisions based on the impacts of future climate change. The partner organisations were able to make recommendations about the information they would find most useful and the kind of support they would need to get the best use from it.

The project, funded by iCASP, has contributed to a suite of  Met Office leaflets which highlight how UKCP18 can be used in different contexts.

The leaflet featuring the iCASP work is available to download here.

The Yorkshire iCASP project focused on the application of UKCP18 to the way specific organisations usually assess risks from surface water flooding and drought. They developed two case study examples, each with a step by step guide for organisations to use if they need to update existing planning and assessment processes using UKCP18 data.

The case studies above are written for people used to handling highly technical information to help them get to grips more quickly with what has changed since UKCP09, the previous set of projections.


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