Our shelves are here. We hope to fill them up!

Over the next five years iCASP will share project outputs such as briefings, case studies and videos. You’ll be able to download them from here.

Our core resource is the wealth of research delivered by the Universities of Leeds, York and Sheffield.

A high level summary which outlines this expertise can be downloaded from the link below. This document will be updated periodically.


If you want to publicise the programme to potential partners or interested colleagues please feel free to download our flyer:

20171102_icaspflyer_1.0_final  and our slide deck: iCASP_ SlideDeck_20171027


Great new #NFM network launched in Scotland

RT @lynneportweet: It's big. Finding solutions to pressing issues by @wateratleeds with the support of @NERCscience and lots of others…