Invasive non native species project resources

Invasive species information sheets

We have produced a series of information sheets about invasive species in Yorkshire, as well as a literature review and a glossary of terminology used in the project. These are all free to download


Input to the Environmental Audit Committee’s Invasive Species Inquiry

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) launched an inquiry into the impact of invasive species and their management. The Report of the Invasive Species Inquiry can be downloaded from the parliament.UK website

iCASP provided a written response to the consultation which can be viewed here

Dr Alison Dunn, who is leading the iCASP INNS project, gave oral evidence to the EAC at an evidence session on 21 May 2019. View the session on Parliament TV (from 11:35:38 onwards) or read a transcript of the session.

Short clips from the session can also be viewed below

Alison Dunn introduction and outline of INNS projects: 

Definition of invasive species being used in evidence session:

Explanation of how INNS can be moved around by transfers of water:

The co-ordination of control efforts for some INNS:

Looking ahead – what needs to be done:



Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum 2019 Flash Report – information produced as part of Invasive Species week.