Engagement tool – promoting NFM to farmers and landowners

Participants in a workshop held at the West Yorkshire Flood Innovation Progamme (FLIP) Annual General Meeting, in May 2023, made it a priority to highlight advice and funding available to landowner and farmers for introducing NFM on their land by using trusted advisors.

Many farmers and landowners have previously relied on the EU Basic Payment Scheme to support their businesses. Although this has come to an end, alternative sources of funding are available which will help them to manage their land to achieve agricultural and environmental benefits including measures to help reduce flooding in the catchment. Farm advisors offer practical, bespoke advice on a wide range of NFM interventions and their benefits.

Watch this video to see how farm advisors in the Aire and Calder catchments are working with farmers and landowners to identify opportunities for funding, design, and implement the best NFM measures to suit their land.

Short Video

Full Video

For further advice about funding avenues and the different types of NFM please contact:

Aires Rivers Trust – Nick Milsom
Aire, Upper Calder & Mid Wharfe – Dorian Speakman
Calder and Colne Rivers Trust – Dr Jane Rowling
River Holme Connections – Simon Hirst
Upper Aire Project – Suzie Knight
Wild Trout Trust – Prof Jonathon Grey
These advisors can answer your questions and provide information about what are the best NFM measures for your land.

More information is available about NFM in Calderdale and NFM in Leeds.