Mental Health & Wellbeing for Flood Risk Communities

As part of the Community and Voluntary Theme, our aim is to support residents in high-risk flood areas with mental well-being. There will be a focus on improving resilience to mental health problems and providing residents with the tools to combat them.

Many studies show the impact of flooding can be massive to communities.“People whose homes had been flooded were up to 6 times more likely to have probable PTSD, depression and/or anxiety than people who had not been flooded.”

Proposals include:-

  • Residents and relevant staff being trained to deliver Psychological First Aid amongst their communities
  • In places that have flooded, there will be campaigns to raise awareness of the support available through mental health charities, including green prescribing
  • Events will be held twice a year within flood risk communities to help improve their wellbeing, promote community togetherness and help them deal with the impact of flooding to mental health.

The plan is to reach thousands of residents – initially targeting those living in Mirfield, Middlemost Pond, Radulf Gardens, Holme and Colne catchments. It is to fund a mental health charity for three years to provide support. There will be a review of the scheme in a bid to use learning to extend the scheme to a wider area.

Who will provide the service?

We will work with a local charity providing a range of practical and preventative mental health and wellbeing engagements across Kirklees to support individuals to maintain and improve their wellbeing.

They will offer:-

  • Welcome sessions for residents to get support tailored to their individual needs in comfortable, non-clinical, community settings and be signposted to specialist services if needed
  • Regular sessions for small groups in the community bringing people together in safe social situations to learn new skills, share existing ones, and to meet people with common interests, experiences or goals
  • Wellbeing days held outdoors twice a year in each community with a focus on green prescribing and getting outdoor in nature. These could involve bushcraft, horticulture and conservation activities, Natural Flood Management such as tree planting, and climate change awareness activities. There will also be bi monthly smaller events held throughout the year  

Wellbeing Packs offering practical, wellbeing activities, resilience building tips and key support services information.