Project Impact Reports

We are developing reports for each of our projects as part of our iCASP evaluation process to show the transition from project closure to post-project impact evaluation and the impact of the project. Often the impact can continue beyond the end of the project. Even if a project doesn’t appear to have significant impact on its own – it could still play an important part within the integrated vision for the whole programme.

These reports evaluate whether and how the project has produced the expected outputs and fulfilled the potential to generate the expected impacts set out at outset when the project’s proposal was approved. They are live documents.

An initial version of the report is prepared after a project is closed. This is based on a review of all the information reported by the iCASP Impact Translation Fellow and other project team members, and additional research to systematically and objectively evaluate the project from the iCASP Programme’s perspectives.

Then the Impact Evaluator (with support from the Impact Officer and/or Impact Support Officer) continues to update this report as part of a post-project evaluation process by promoting the outputs of the project, networking with potential output users and collaborating with existing and new stakeholders.