Help us to address gaps in wetlands research

We are looking for wetland experts who can help us to address research gaps identified as part of WaterLANDS – an EU Horizon 2020 project aiming to restore wetland sites across Europe.

To assess drivers of change in wetland functioning we conducted an extensive literature synthesis that investigated the physical and chemical drivers impacting wetland ecosystem functions.

Our analysis focused on five primary categories: fens, bogs, swamps, coastal marshes and inland marshes.

This comprehensive review identified several gaps in the research, mainly resulting from a lack of available data for certain wetland types and functional relationships. It is essential that we address these gaps to understand better the complex interplay between drivers and ecosystem functions across diverse wetland ecosystems.

Ultimately this information will help to ensure more effective wetland restoration practices and management strategies in the future.

We are inviting wetland experts to evaluate the functional relationships for which published data is limited using a survey that employs an expert assessment approach.

If you can help us please complete our survey which closes Friday 15 December 

If you have any colleagues who may be able to help, we would be grateful if you could you pass this request.