FAQs – West Yorkshire Flood Innovation Program

Where has WYFLIPs funding come from?

WY FLIP has been kick-started with 2 years of funding from the Yorkshire Regional Flood and Coastal Committee to come up with an action plan and work with more partners to attract and lobby for significantly more funding for resilience projects in the region

How does WYFLIP operate?

The West Yorkshire FLIP Programme Board has representatives from the five local flood authorities, the Environment Agency and West Yorkshire Combined Authority. It will be chaired by Leeds City Council

A steering group, made up of representatives across a range of sectors within West Yorkshire including those outside flood risk management, will use their expertise to steer the activities within the programme and implement the West Yorkshire FLIP Roadmap.

What is the role of the West Yorkshire Flood Risk Partnership?

The West Yorkshire Flood Risk Partnership will provide a strategic role, linking into the Yorkshire Regional Flood and Coastal Committee and Catchment Partnerships.

What will all five different themes have in common?

Each local council has taken on a different theme for WYFLIP, however there are four overarching values they will all keep in mind:

  • Empowering local communities
  • Developing education and skills across West Yorkshire communities living with floods
  • Transferring knowledge by building on existing partnership and networks, peer to peer support, co-production and developing new innovation
  • Making sure metrics are built into themes such as independent academic monitoring and evaluation of activities and outcomes.

There is no doubt that as a result of climate change we will see more flooding in our region on an even larger scale.  There is an urgent need to protect communities at high risk by developing additional resilience, where traditional hard flood defences, are not viable – either economically or technically – by developing novel solutions that work.

If you have any additional questions please email icasp@leeds.ac.uk