Confluence 2020 – have your say

Confluence 2020 will take place on Friday 26 June at Nexus, University of Leeds – so please, save the date!

We want to involve partners and stakeholders in shaping the agenda so are keen to understand your views on what we can most usefully schedule into the agenda and cover throughout the day.

We anticipate following a similar structure to previous years with an overview of the programme and updates from several projects in the morning, as well as a keynote presentation from an MP or equivalent. In the afternoon we anticipate a range of parallel breakout sessions to give attendees an opportunity to go into more detail on issues and engage with fellow attendees. At the end of the day we will wrap it all up in a final summary session

Confluence 2019: breakout session

If you would like to comment on ideas for this year’s Confluence, make suggestions for sessions or topics you would like to be discussed, please complete this short survey or drop us a line at