UKCP18 Regional Forum

Building on the success of the iCASP UKCP18 Demonstrator Project, this forum will bring together people from different sectors of the regional economy. The one day event to be held in 2019 will be designed for organisations who need to use UK climate projections for resilience planning and long-term business strategies.

The forum will use the release of UK Climate Projections 18 (UKCP18) data products and accompanying guidance documentation in November 2018 and May 2019 as an opportunity to ensure that the latest knowledge is embedded in catchment management decisions.

Informed by a workshop held at the 2018 iCASP Confluence and the experience of iCASP UKCP18 project, the forum will:

  • address queries from regional stakeholders about UKCP18 and its use,
  • connect organisations and individuals using UKCP18 data/products, and
  • help the Met Office identify who is using UKCP18 data/products and get feedback on their adequacy for addressing regional issues.

In partnership with regional adaptation ‘champion’ Amanda Crossfield (Yorkshire Water) the forum will be carefully designed to appeal to people and organisations with different levels of interest, expertise and reasons for interacting with UKCP18. Potential attendees include infrastructure providers such as Northern Power, Northern Gas and Leeds-Bradford Airport.

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