Natural Flood Management: Community of Practice (NFM CoP)

The Community of Practice (CoP) Group was set up by iCASP to bring together people working on different natural flood management projects across Yorkshire. The meetings provide a forum for networking, learning and disseminating best practice: they are designed to build regional capacity amongst NFM practitioners through sharing knowledge and discussing challenges and opportunities. The meetings enable participants to undertake informal continuing professional development (CPD).  Many of the meetings take place on sites where NFM interventions have been installed to allow a tour guided by those who have designed and installed the NFM measures.

Terms of Reference for the CoP 

CoP meetings are quarterly and by invitation only. If you would like to attend a meeting, please email and title your email “NFM Community of Practice invitations”.

The resources here are grouped in reverse chronological order, rather than by topic or subject area. As new meetings take place, additional resources will be added. Because of the original file sizes, all the presentations have been saved as PDF files so any animations, transitions or graphics are now static. If you use these resources, please acknowledge the author and iCASP – please let us know where you use them so we can track how they are used.

Future events

The next NFM CoP event will be held on Monday 20 January 2020 in Bradford Town Hall.

Download the provisional agenda for the day (NB subject to minor changes in the run up to the event)

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September 2019 Community of Practice meeting: sustaining benefits from natural flood management (NFM)

Venue: Collingham Beck, Leeds


Agenda for the day

Summary of discussions from the day

Capacity building, NFM and embedding best practice – Dominic Martyn, Catchment Based Approach National Support Group (2MB)

Collingham modelling opportunities – Emma Wren, Mott MacDonald (3MB)

Collingham monitoring, appraisal and evaluation – Chloe Glencross, Leeds University (2MB)

DEFRA NFM evidence base – ArcGiS online for future investment – Dave Johnson, The Rivers Trust (2MB)

Barriers and Enablers to NFM – Katie Chorlton, JBA Consulting (2MB)

Risk, Liability and Maintenance – Phil Delaney, Environment Agency (2MB)

The Cumbria NFM experience – Vikki Salas, West Cumbria Rivers Trust (3MB)

Using Nature to Reduce Floods – Rosemary McCloskey, Stroud District Council (4MB)

A Wessex whole catchment approach to NFM solutions – Somerset Hills to Levels, Ben Thorne (5MB)

May 2019 Community of Practice meeting: opportunity mapping and data management

Community of Practice event at Nethergill Farm (photos by Jenny Armstrong and Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust)

Venue: Nethergill Farm, Oughtershaw


Agenda for the day

Farming the uplands profitably – Nethergill Farm – Chris Clark, Nethergill Farm (2MB)

General introduction – Daniel Turner, Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (2MB)

Introduction to Natural Flood Management – Daniel Turner, Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (1MB)

Fluvial Geomorphology – Daniel Turner, Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (1MB)

NFM Opportunities – Daniel Turner, Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (3MB)

Models we use  – Daniel Turner, Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust  (385KB)

NFM farm plans – Daniel Turner, Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (1MB)

Upper Wharfe strategic NFM modelling – Steve Rose, JBA Consulting (1MB)

February 2019 Community of Practice meeting: guides to monitoring

Venue: University of Leeds, Leeds


Agenda for the day

iCASP project update and rationale for monitoring (552KB)

Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust update – Daniel Turner, Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (2MB)

Woody debris effects on upland river hydrological processes  – Zora van Leeuwen, University of Leeds (6MB)

Monitoring data for models – Tom Willis, University of Leeds (3MB)

Impacts of sediment in NFM -Eleanor Pearson, University of Leeds (3MB)

Leaky Dams: Geomorphology, instream habitats and biodiversity – Megan Klaar, University of Leeds (3MB)

Hydrology and gauging–  Joe Holden, University of Leeds (3MB)

Photography, overland flow and water quality – Richard Grayson, University of Leeds (3MB)

Using Structure from Motion Photogrammetry to Monitor NFM Projects – Mark Smith, University of Leeds (3MB)

Soil, and Community Questionnaire – Richard Grayson, University of Leeds (3MB)

November 2018 Community of Practice meeting: inception meeting

Community of Practice event at Hardcastle Crags (photos by Mark Trigg)

Venue: Hardcastle Crags


Agenda for the day

Summary notes from the meeting

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