Calderdale Natural Flood Management project resources

The NFM Calderdale project investigated the link between land use and management practices and flood levels in the Upper Calderdale valley and investigated the benefit that different landscape-wide NFM interventions might have on reducing flood levels in the valley.

The factsheets below provide summaries of some of the main results for different land management practices and NFM interventions we have found in the project. Each factsheet includes a description of the investigative work we have undertaken and a summary of the impact of the land management/intervention scenario on flood levels for the three sub-catchments we used as the basis for our project. A full description can be found in our Technical Report (to be available on this website from June 2021).

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Factsheets:Field Boundary Factsheet

Field Boundary Factsheet

Gully Planting Factsheet

Field Tree Planting Factsheet

Cross Slope Tree Planting Factsheet

Intensive Grazing Factsheet

Soil Improvement Factsheet