Impact Database

We have developed this database to systematically monitor and evaluate the impact of all our projects.

Our Impact Monitoring and Evaluation Procedure has been developed to summarise and present information effectively and to help the outputs of our projects to be replicable in other areas and for their impacts to be sustainable. The procedure was developed through tests-and-trials and discussions amongst the iCASP team. A data management system and key documents to help implement this procedure has been developed.

When a project is being implemented, the team interacts in steps 1-16 identified by the numbered yellow circles in the diagram below.

This diagram above shows the role of impact monitoring and evaluation in the project cycle

We use the Impact Database as a tool to monitor impacts from more than 35 projects and the overall programme. It is an interface tool developed based on EXCEL and VBA to document the detailed features, evidence and timeline of a dozen Key Success Measures (KSM) used as indicators for the iCASP programme.

Findings from the database are presented as infographics, time-series charts, and GIS maps.